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with Steven BREMNER
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  • CRAIG WILLIAMS, World Champion Jockey, Australia

    "Steven has Rolfed me for the past 8 years. On my 1st Rolfing session Steven identified a problem i have & rectified it! (as a lot of professional sports Dr.'s had not!) Not only does Steven's rolfing help me with my movement/balance/breathing&focus he also helps me to understand my body & the importance of Positive Energy."

  • KALEEN McKEEMAN, Circus Artist, Cirque du Soleil, Macau

    "As a professional circus performer, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding a therapist who understands the nature of my job as well as it's demands, both physical and emotional. Working withSteven was rewarding because he was able to assess my body with a deep understanding of the amount of energy I need in my performance each day and apply it in order to open up places in my body that had grown to block the necessary flow of energy for top performance. His work allowed me to fine-tune breath control and posture on stage, and to feel balanced and rejuvenated after performances as well."

  • ALAN JAMIESON, father of Dr. Sue Jamieson, founder & director of the Holistic Central Hong Kong

    In 1975 I suffered a bad ankle break which left me with somewhat deformed ankle and a shorter left leg which caused a pelvic tilt. The ankle did heal although was almost naturally fused with little foot or ankle movement. I got back eventually with my golf with a slightly altered swing.

    By 1980 I was visiting various massage professionals due to what I felt at the time was just a muscle strain in my right thigh. Another broken ankle in my right side didn't help matters. The hospital felt that as my hip showed signs of arthritis a new hip was installed in 2004/5. Although the hip surgery was successful I could not return to my normal walking gait and relied more and more on a walking stick. It was felt that a muscle or tend in my right hip was going into spasm when I had walked for 30 yards. I had a variety types of treatment but to no lasting effect.

    On holiday in Hong Kong I was guided to Steven,a Rolfing practitioner and attended for 2/3 hours per week over a 5 week period. Rather than dig into my hip he went back to basics and to what he felt the trouble was caused by. Work commenced on my ankles particularly the left (original break) and his painless work continued as he cleared out the build up of accumulated tissue (gunge as he said) and freed up the movements in both ankles and feet The work showed almost immediate benefit allowing me to gradually walk properly and freely.Still a bit of pain in the hip but now more of an ache than my previous pain.

    I return home to Scotland now but am to seek a similar sort oregular help when there and continue to drink loads of water and to continue to walk,lengthening my distance day by day. I can't say how refreshed I now feel for I am conscious of the return to my health and mentally feel stronger beeing now able to look forward to a continued improvement.

  • CARSTEN HOLZ, Professor (PhD, Economics), Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

    I am a professor who sits at a desk and works at a computer for hours on end. Even though I am physically active during my free time, I can tell that my posture is affected by my job and my habitual tendencies. For years, I have been experiencing chronic back pain. Working with Steven Brenner has changed my life. He has helped me identify my deeply entrenched holding patterns and the rolfing sessions have provided an amazing relief. I can sense an ease and comfort in my body that was never there before. Rolfing is truly transformational work and Steven is a powerful and sensitive practitioner.

  • DOUGLAS WHYTE, Hong Kong Champion Jockey

    “Since recieving Rolfing treatments from Steven the treatments have played a major role in my continued success, thank you.”

  • CHRIS JOHNSON, marathon runner and iron man competitor

    “I am a marathon runner and since coming to steven for treatments. I have been more sucessful in my races than ever before, thank you for putting the tiger back in my tank!”


    “Before coming to steven for Rolfing my body was deteriorating to the point of no return, I had spent alot of time and money trying various other forms of clinical and alternative treatments, always providing only a temporary relief at best, with stevens encouragement and expert skills as a Rolfer and gifted healer i can say ive never felt this good for this long since my teens, i am truly grateful for having found you. Thank you, you are a credit to the profession.”

  • SUE SMITH, university lecturer

    “Steven saved me from major knee surgery not to mention the cost of surgery , the time off from life would have been very stressful, thanks to stevens keen skills and help, i was able to avoid uneccessary surgery and am feeling and functioning better than ever.” thank you!

  • DEIDRA STEWART, Housewife

    “Since recieving the Rolfing series from steven my chronic lower back pain and neck stiffness has disapeared for good. I feel more balanced, my energy levels and sense of vitality havereturned, thank you steven for your amazing work.”