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  • Movement Integration

    In a series of Rolfing movement sessions, client and teacher come together to understand the client's present movement patterns. They explore the possibilities for freer, more balanced movement in breathing, walking, standing, sitting and whatever special or daily activities the person is involved in, such as running, desk work, housework, yoga, carpentry, playing an instrument, dancing, acting and the like. They attend to each part of the body, releasing specific holding patterns, and then integrating that part, through movement with the rest of the body. Over time the client learns the gentle, simple series of centering movements that can be taken into everyday life to ease pain and stress and to enhance all activities from the work place to the playing field to the stage. Rolf movement can be undertaken by it or blended in at specific points throughout the series. Movement integration and Rolfing combined enhance each other; Rolfing frees and integrates the body's structure so the client has more movement options, and Rolfing movement teaches the client how to use these possibilities in everyday life.