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with Steven BREMNER
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    Stretchrelease© is a method based on flowing, circular motions, which gently unwinds and lengthens the system through the bonding of breath and body in fluid movements.

    Stretchrelease© is designed to open the body up safely and within the boundaries of each client's comfort zone. Drawing on resources from Steven's rich and diverse background in dance and movement exploration, this “work-in” is suitable and highly complimentary to anyone involved in fitness, dance, yoga, meditation, recovering from an injury or illness, professional athletes to office workers who suffer from aches and pains, and anyone who is curious about deepening their inquiry into their own body .

    The forces of water shape every species

    Because of waters inherent potency, intelligence, and spiritual vitality, higher levels of consciousness, health and healing can occur as we draw upon our most primal recourses for nourishment, renewal, fluidity and receptivity.

    Stress, tension, injury and miss-aligned posture can clamp down the body restricting flow and the self regulating properties of the system, blood flow, neurological transmission, toxic and lymphatic release, regulation of the visceral system etc...

    Stretchrelease© is designed specifically to restore gently and, safely, a sense of harmony and fluid grace back into the body.


    TFrom office workers to athletes, dancers, musicians,pilate and yoga teahers and student or anyone interested in improving their body awareness,posture etc


    Throughout the classes, you will learn to alleviate tension that causes pain and imbalances. You will learn to breath more fully in an efficient and natural manner. Stretchrelease is designed to free up tension and restrictions throughoput the entire body, numerous physiological benefits will occur, such as ; Improved circulation of blood, lymphatic flow, cerebral spinal fluid flow, metabolic rate increase. Also as musculoskeletal balance and posture improves so does energy efficiency, endurance, focus and Concentration.


    If you think about the body in logical terms , we are essentially made up of everything in space as well as on planet earth especially our oceans! We are litterally walking , talking interelating bodies of water free to move about the planet. And because we are made up mostly of water , spaciousness, unrestricted flow within our bodies is cornerstone to our ability to acess and utilize our energies efficiently at the same time creating a more powerful, resonant and intuitive system.

    Stretchrelease provides a safe and gentle playground to explore our bodies through mindful health enhancing movements.

    As we become more comfortable in our bodies again, often old emotional baggage may be released from the bodies cellular memory that was previouslystored deeep within the fascia and connective tissues.

    As The mind becomes more centered within a more balanced body, energy is freed up to be used in other areas such as cognitive and intuitive faculties.

    Stretchrelease to be a refreshing and easy way to quiet the mind into the body.Stretchrelease can be treated as a sort of moving meditation. Stretchrelease technique is safe and beneficial for all persons from all walks of life, it is fun and challenging as well.