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Equine Structural integration helps horses gain more balance, support,connection, and strength through their structure. Sessions are specific to each horse utilising stretching, joint release, vertebral adjustments and myofascial release techniques. By removing compensation patterns and scar tissue the fascial system realigns the equine’s structure so that new patterns of free movement can be integrated into the horse again.

  • Why do horses need hands on therapies?

    Just like human althletes, horses also can benefit greatly from hands-on therapies, such as soft tissue manipulation, myofacial release, chiropractic, stretching and various other types of Massage. This will allow the greatest freedom of movement and optimal function in a horses, entire body and system, allowing for the full potential of that horses abilities to shine through.

  • What are the benefits of structural integration for horses?

    Applying rolfing techniques on horses, which I have been using on Human clients for over 20 years allows for a deeper release of the muscles /connective tissues throughout the entire body.

    Specifically, using Rolfing techniques will address and relieve injured muscles that often occur from strains, injury, overwork and poor riding /training techniques between the horse and rider. Within my techniques, I may use joint and vertebral mobilisation techniques, scar tissue removal, lymphatic drainage, reduction of inflammation and myofascial release. Reiki and cranial sacral techniques.

    My therapies are designed to ultimatelycreate more freedom of movement, greater energy usage, and overall improvement in the horses gate, well being and performance. Just like a human athlete, when a horse is pain-free, aligned and relaxed in its structure, a horse is safer to ride, happier and more cooperative.

  • Why do horses need hands on therapies?

    Stretching is actually really important for horses because muscles get short and tight over time from accidents, over training and injuries. By gently stretching out the horses musculature creates an excellent and safe way to return and encourage a full range of motion again in the horses body.