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Welcome to the path of wellness
with Steven BREMNER
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    The word Reiki means universal life force or universal energy.
    Different cultures have their own ways of describing the universal life force or energy, in Japan where Reiki was said to reemerge again it is called Reiki. In china, the word chi is used to describe the energy field. Hindu traditions call it prana. The shamans of Hawaii call it mana.

    Although different cultures and traditions have various ways of working with and describing the universal force, they all have a common thread and source from which the energy is.drawn. This life force is everywhere and in everything both animate and inanimate alike. This force sustains all living things both plant and animal, it nourishesus, cleanses and rejuvenates us .It can be greatly enhanced when used properly and attuned to it. Because Reiki as a source of healing is drawn from and comes from the universe itself, it is limitless and ever abundant. It is not to be drawn from our own source of energy, which can and will be dangerous to our entire health over time.

    Without this universal energy we would not be able to sustain life. Prayers, rituals, meditation, visualizations etc. whether aware of it or not are ways to connect to this abundant life energy and supply. most of us who recognize and practice or receive Reiki know it as a specific system of healing , originally called the Usui System of Natural Healing, by its modern founder Dr.Mikao Usui. The system uses specific hand positions and symbols and techniques for balancing and channeling the universal energy for healing and well being.Reiki as system is a tradition, passed on through very specific methods during the initiation process, passed down from one master to another.

    Although the life force is available to all and the natural gifts to channel healing energy may vary for each individual, the full potential, safeguards and benefits would not be fully available to the untrained or uninitiated, in fact if used by the untrained it can be dangerous not only to ourselves but to others as well. Reiki is just one of many models of healing available to us, it is by no means the only one.

    When receiving a Reiki session, it is safe and relaxing for both the client and Reiki practitioner. Reiki like other great healing modalities works for the highest good of all, the only discomfort that may occur from time to time would be the surfacing of past or present pain, traumas and such, we call it transient discomfort, or in some cases a healing crisis may occur, if so it is important to recognize that it is for the highest good, and should be honored and allowed to naturally surface and be release without expectation or force, nor should it be suppressed either, as long as one is surrounded in a container of safety and comfort provided by the practitioner, the release or healing crisis is a welcomed one. Because

    Reiki is so gentle, and the energy of Reiki is inherently designed to do no harm, we can only receive as much as is deemed necessary and within our adaptive capacity by and from the source.