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Welcome to the path of wellness
with Steven BREMNER
If you have a specific question to ask, please email steven@indigorolfing.com

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    indigoROLFING was founded by Steven Bremner in 2003 following his return from the Rolfing Institute in Boulder, Colorado USA.
    "It is my belief that Rolfing can greatly contribute to the human potential movement philosophy. It is my mission that I impart all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated in my life to each person who makes the decision to invest themselves in the Rolfing process.

    To elevate ones health and wellbeing to a higher level is my greatest wish and aim as we work together through your Rolfing journey.
    Health and the longevity of a more free and balanced structure is only realized with a balanced spectrum of self-care.

    Proper nutrition, compatable exercise, work / play, creativity, emotional and mental wellbeing, and lastly, structural resilience and integrity through the integration of Rolfing.

    Once one is willing to take responsibility and with a true willingness to make positive changes in ones life and circumstances, this is where we can really see Dr.Rolfs method facilitate profound change in us."

  • steven BREMNER

    certified Rolfer for Structural Integration (U.S.A/Australia/Canada)
    certified Advanced Equine Sports Massage & Verbal Realignment Therapist
    certified D.O.M.P (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner)
    certified Practitioner of Touch for health Kinesiology.(U.S.A)
    certified Reiki master/teacher